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Key-Operated Fire Alarm Station



The RMS-1T-KO Key-operated Fire Alarm Station is ideal for use in buildings such as penal institutions or special needs housing, or anywhere an ordinary pull station would be operated for reasons other than its intended purpose.  The RMS-1T-KO station is fitted with a key-operated switch, which uses a key that is not easily duplicated.

The RMS-1T-KO has one Single Pole Normally Open contact rated for 10 amps at 125 Vdc.  It features terminal connectors for easy field wiring.  They key can be removed in both the "ON" and "OFF" positions.

The RMS-1T-KO Station flush mounts to any standard North American 1-gang electrical box 2-1/2 inch (63mm) deep minimum, or surface mounts to Kidde Cat. Number 46292-0200 Surface Mount Backbox.  These backboxes are factory finished with a durable "Fire Red" baked enamel.

  • Tamperproof actuation

  • Single-stage operation

  • Single-pole NO contact

  • Terminal connectors

  • One-gang flush mounting

  • Surface mount box available

Key-Operated Fire Alarm Station

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Key-operated Fire Alarm Station




Keyswitch Contacts:  Single Pole Normally Open; Rating:  10 amps at 125 Vdc
Wire Connection:  Terminals
Mounting:  Flush to:  One-gang 2-1/2 inch (63mm) deep standard North-American electrical box
  Surface to:  Cat. No. 46292-0200 Surface Box
Operating Environment:  Normal Indoor