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1032 Series

Miniature Flange Mount With Wire Leads


Designed to make installation easier, these position sensors have earned their reputation for quality. They are built for durability and dependability. Most are conservatively rated at 100,000 cycles under full load, and 10,000,000 cycles under dry circuit. Every reed connections is hand soldered and the reeds in all models are environmentally sealed. Like the GuardSwitch safety interlock switches, our position sensors are tested before they leave the factory - 100% of the time.


-  Flanges for rapid mounting
-  Convenient surface mounting
-  Includes adhesive mounting strips
-  Mounting Screws

1032 Series

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N.O. 7.5W/VA 0.6 Inch Nominal Sense Range
100V AC/DC max., 0.5A max., 7.5W/VA max.


N.O. 7.5W/VA 0.6 Inch Nominal Sense Range
Natural White
100V AC/DC max., 0.5A max., 7.5W/VA max.




Agency Approvals

UL Listed
ULC Listed
NEMA Ratings:  1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 12
Protection Class:  IP67


General Specifications 

  ABS Plastic

Temperature Range:  -40F to 150F (-40C to 65C)

Environmental:  Hermetically sealed contact switch encapsulated in polyurethane

Response time (individual circuits):  1 msec max.
Life cycles:  100,000 under full load;  10,000,000 under dry circuit

Lead types/O.D.:  #22 wire / 0.05’ (0.15cm)





Electrical Specifications*
Part NumberContact ConfigurationLoad Rating (AC/DC)Switching Voltage, Max (AC/DC)Switching Current Max. (AC/DC)Contact ResistanceSense Range NominalLead Length
1032-N N.O. 7.5W/VA 100V 0.5A 0.2 Ohms 0.6"(1.6cm) 1
1032W-N N.O. 7.5W/VA 100V 0.5A 0.2 Ohms 1.0"(2.5cm) 1
1937-N Actuator Only

*Warning - Each electrical rating is an individual maximum and cannot be exceeded!