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Machine Safeguarding Switches

All GuardSwitches are non-contact, magnetic devices consisting of a switch and a magnet actuator. They are extremely tolerant of misalignment and the build-up of dirt, grease and other contaminants and are hermetically sealed. They actuate through wood, aluminum, stainless steel or any other nonferrous material. Allowing the interlock switches to be concealed in the machine for added protection against tampering.   For more information and to find out where to buy these products, please call customer service at 800-336-4206.

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3010 Series

Recessed Pin Plunger

ApplicationsModel 3015 available in plate mount or clip mount configurationModel 3025 plunger self-adjusts to proper reach Pulling out on plunger... learn more

INT-22.5R1-24 Series

Safety Monitor Relay

Applications - Basic device to EN 60204-1 and EN 954-1- Safety category 4 to EN954-1- Stop category 0 to EN... learn more

1035 Series

Miniature Self-Adhesive With Wire Leads

The Edwards Signaling 1035 Series magnetic contact saves installation time through the use of a specially formulated 3M® adhesive tape.... learn more

114 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch - ABS Plastic

The 114 has an ABS plastic housing and works well as a position/interlock sensor in an industrial application. Its small,... learn more

115 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch - Nylon 6/6

This sturdy nylon 6/6 housed switch is used in many industrial applications because it is easy to install, conceal and... learn more

126 GuardSwitch Series

Recessed Magnetic Door Position Switch

The 126 is the only GuardSwitch that comes with a 12AWG cable and flex conduit, making it ideal for closet... learn more

141 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch Kynar® Housing

This small switch's Kynar® housing makes it ideal for washdown and chemical environments such as a dishwasher / chlorine environment... learn more

151 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch

The 151 / 153 is a sturdy switch ideal for waste compactor applications. It is an economical sensor often used in... learn more

200 FailSafe GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch - FailSafe

The FailSafe Guardswitch is designed as a safety interlock to be attached to a machine's guard or door.  Unlike a... learn more

341-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

This small, highly defeat resistant switch has Kynar® housing which makes it ideal for wash-down and chemical environments. Applications -... learn more

2700 Series

Anodized Alloy Housing with Armor Cable

Designed to make installation easier, these position sensors have earned their reputation for quality. They are built for durability and... learn more

104 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch - Mini Surface Mount

 This small switch is easy to install and is ideal for mail sorting and gaming machine position or security applications.... learn more

1045 Series

Surface Mount Industrial Contact, Wire Leads

The 1045 Series features a wider make distance, which permits faster installation, accommodates greater misalignment, and works better on steel... learn more

1085T Series

Surface Screw Mount Terminal Contact

The 1085T Series is ideal for residential and commercial applications where terminal connections are preferred. The unit features positive clamping... learn more

113 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch

This switch has a long narrow housing that makes it ideal for mounting on overhead doors channels or machine conveyor... learn more

125 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch 5/8 in. Threaded Barrel

This magnetically actuated position switch with a 5/8 inch diameter threaded barrel is ideal for situations where sensing distances may... learn more