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Machine Safeguarding Switches

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301-BT GuardSwitch Series

Safety Switch

The 301-BT are stainless steel, highly defeat resistant switches that are ideal for harsh environments and wash-down applications.Applications Requiring Highly... learn more

302 GuardSwitch Series

Interlock Switch

The 302 is the same as the 301 but comes with armored cable for applications where unprotected cable wires could... learn more

INT-03 Series

INT Monitor Relay "Integrity Series"

Applications Meets European Machine Safety Standards, Risk Category 4 Designed for use with 300-BT Series GuardSwitch Requires both normally-open and... learn more

INT-04 Series

Emergency-Stop Safety Relay

Applications Monitors both contact on E-stop buttons Incorporates loop break detection for floor mat sensing Provides 2 safe outputs plus... learn more

INT-05 Series

Safety Expansion Relay

Applications Adds 3 safe outputs when used with Sentrol Safety Relays INT-03 and INT-04 Maintains safety circuit integrity by providing... learn more

Magnets and Accessories

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch Accessories

learn more

124 GuardSwitch Series

Non-Contact Interlock/Position Switch Recessed 1/4" Dia.

The 124 series is a miniature 1/4" diameter barrel switch in ABS plastic housing.  This switch is specifically designed to... learn more

2300 Series

Overhead Panel Door Magnetic Contacts Door Magnetic Contacts

The 2300 Series Panel Door magnetic contacts are designed specifically for panel or sectional style overhead doors. The unique design... learn more

Mechanical Safety Switches

Safety Switches

General Description Safety switches are used to detect the opening of machine guard doors, gates or panels and to prevent... learn more