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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

FX-10RD, FX-10R, FX-5RD, FX-5R


Kidde brand conventional fire alarm systems consist of 5 and 10 zone fire alarm control panels (FACP), an optional integrated upload/download DACT (dialer), intelligent/analog type detector features, serial annunciator modules, and serial remote relay modules.  All FACPs and components are Listed to the 9th edition of the ANSI/UL 864 standard and CSFM/FDNY approved.

These systems incorporate features designed to simplify installation, operation and maintenance, including front panel programming, one person walk testing, and selectable IDC and NAC types.  In addition, when used with CleanMe-compatible smoke detectors, these control panels provide intelligent type features such as remote maintenance alert and automatic drift compensation that significantly reduce the chance of a false alarm and simplify maintenance calls.

Kidde systems are powerful enough to meet the demands of today's life safety installations while leaving plenty of room to grow in the future.  They support Class A operation by combining pairs of on-board IDCs or NACs to provide the necessary Class A circuits.  For example, the FX-10RD comes factory set to support 10 Class B IDCs and 4 NACs.  But, it can be field-configured to provide 5 Class A IDCs (no Class B IDC's), and 2 Class A NACs - or any other combination of circuits that fall within the circuit-pairing parameters.

  • Available in 5 and 10 zone (IDC) models

  • CleanMe feature provides remote annunciation of a dirty detector

  • Automatic drift compensation with select detectors reduces false alarms and extends dust life

  • Listed to ANSI UL 864 9th Edition

  • Models with fully integrated upload/download DAT enables PC programming

  • Zone or NAC pairs convertible to single Class A Circuits

  • Combination Waterflow and Supervisory IDCs

  • NACs programmable by zone and individually selectable for notification appliances, continuous, temporal outputs, or coded

  • Front panel programming simplifies installation and servicing

  • Precision synchronization with compatible notification appliances and optional audible silence over two wires

  • On-board relays for Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble

  • Optional serial bus relay modules are programmable for Common, Zone, or Matrix activation

  • Optional serial bus remote annunciator family

  • One-Person walk-test (audible or silent)

  • Optional City Tie and Reverse Polarity Modules

  • Trim ring available for semi-flush mounting

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

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10 Zone Panel with Dialer
120VAC power source, 24VDC output


10 Zone Panel
120VAC power source, 24VDC output


5 Zone Panel with Dialer
120VAC power source, 24VDC output


5 Zone Fire Alarm Panel
120VAC Power Source, 24VDC Output


Semi-flush trim ring for FX-5RD


Semi-flush trim ring for FX-10RD


Expander Transformer, 120 Vac - for FX-10 only


End of line resistors - one 3.6K ohm and one 1.1K ohm


End Of Line Resistors - one 1.1K, 3.6K and 4.7K ohm resistor


Upload/Download Digital Communicator


City Tie Module


Reverse Polarity Module


Remote System Indicator


Remote Zone Indicator - includes red LEDs for five IDCs


Remote Zone Alarm/Supervisory Indicator


Annunciator Trim Plate, 1 gang


Annunciator Trim Plate, 2 gang


Annunciator Trim Plate, 3 gang


Annunciator Trim Plate, 4 gang


Single unit 10 zone remote annunciator for FX-10


Single unit 10 zone remote annunciator for FX-10 (with common controls)


Common Function Graphic Driver/Interface


Remote Relay Module




Multi-function Cabinet (fire alarm accessory enclosure)




Agency Approvals

  • UL 864 (S3000) Listed

  • ULC-S527 Listed

  • CSFM Listed

  • FDNY


120 Vac Power Supply
24 Vdc Output
NAC Voltage Rating:  24 Vfwr

*Refer to catalog sheet for control panel specifications