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517T Series - Discontinued Product

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Horn Stand Alone or Tandem Wired


  • Solid-state non-latching piezo horn

  • Pulsing LED sensing chamber

  • 3 position functional test switch

  • 9 volt battery backup

  • Solid-state LED condition indicator

  • Quick-disconnect wiring harness

  • Mounting hardware adapts to standard junction boxes

  • Dust cover to prevent contamination during installation

  • On-site maintenance washing program

  • 3 pulse temporal pattern evacuation sounding device

  • 5-to-1 signal-to-noise ratio

  • Fully insect screened

The Edwards 517T Series Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are designed for multi-family, residential and institutional occupancies defined by NFPA 101, in compliance with UL 217 and NFPA 72. Available in several different configurations, the 517T series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and deliver outstanding performance wherever reliable fire protection is required.

The Edwards 517T Series provides a three position test feature that simulates actual smoke conditions. It also provides a maintenance indicator and makes the 100% testing reuqirement easy.

The 517T Series provides the temporal pattern evacuation tone as a standard feature.

Designed for ceiling or wall mounting on a standard electrical box. Quick-disconnect plug connection. Can tandem wire up to 12 (or 6 with relay) to form a system.

The Edwards 517T Series Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are designed for residential and other occupancies including homes, apartments, hospitals and hotes.

517T Series - Discontinued Product

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Agency Approvals
UL 217 CSFM Listed - 517TB, 517TCB, 517THB CSFM Listed - 517T, 517TC, 517TCS-C, 517TCS-W, 517TH MEA Listed NFPA 72
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