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Remote Booster Power Supplies Expands Power to NACs


The Remote Booster Power Supply is a self-contained 24V DC power supply designed to augment fire alarm audible and visual power requirements. The booster contains all of the necessary circuits to monitor and charge batteries, control and supervise four Class B or two Class A Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) and monitor two controlling inputs from external sources.

  • 10 amp and 6.5 amp models

  • Includes four independent 3 amp NACs - two

  • configurable as auxiliary outputs

  • Configurable signal rates

  • Field selectable input-to-output correlations

  • NACs configure for either four Class B or two Class A circuits

  • On-board status LEDs for easy recognition of wiring faults

Provides ample space for additional GenesisTM interface modules and battery compartment.

Fault conditions detected by the BPS will open the main panel's NAC.

EBPS notification appliance circuits easily configure for any one of three signaling rates: 120 SPM, 3-3-3 temporal, or continuous.

In addition to the three generated signal rates, the EBPS can also be configured to follow the signal rate of the main panel's notification appliance circuit.

The EBPS includes seven on-board LED indicators: one for each resident NAC; one for battery supervision; one for ground fault; and one, for AC power. The trouble contact has a sixteen second delay when an AC power failure or brownout condition is detected, reducing the reporting of troubles during short duration AC brownouts.

NAC configuration options include: AC power fail delay; sensing input to NAC output correlations; and auxiliary outputs. NAC 3 and 4 are configurable as auxiliary outputs. Auxiliary outputs can be on or off after 30 seconds without AC power. Jumpers configure the BPS for Class A or Class B wiring.


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End Of Line Resistors - one 1.1K, 3.6K and 4.7K ohm resistor








Agency Approvals

Extensive UL Listings (Listed accessory under the following standards)

  • UL864 - Fire Alarm Systems

  • UL636 - Holdup Alarm Units and Systems

  • UL609 - Local Burglar Alarms Units and Systems

  • UL294 - Access Control Systems

  • UL365 - Police Station Connected Burglar Alarm Units and Systems

  • ULC-S527 - Control Units, Fire Alarm (Canada)

  • ULC-S303 - Local Burglar Alarm Units and Systems (Canada)

  • ULC-S304 - Central and Monitoring Station Burglar Alarm Units (Canada)

  • C22.2 No. 205 - Signaling Equipment (Canada)

  • UL1076 - Propietary Burglar Alarm System Units

  • UL1610 - Central Station Alarm Unit


  • Notification Appliance Circuit Ratings
    • EBPS6A - 3.0A max. per circuit @ 24V DC nominal, 6.5A max total all NACs
    • EBPS10A - 3.0A max. per circuit @ 24V DC nominal, 10A max total all NACs
  • Trouble Relay - 2 amps @ 30V DC
  • Auxiliary Outputs - Four configurable outputs replace NACs 1, 2, 3 or 4, as auxiliary outputs and 200 mA dedicated auxiliary. NOTE: Maximum of 8 Amps can be used for auxiliary output.
  • Input Current (from an existing NAC) - 3 mA @ 12V DC, 6 mA @ 24V DC
  • Booster Internal Supervisory Current - 70 mA
  • Maximum Battery Size - 10 Amp Hours (2 of 12V10A) in cabinet up to 24 Amp hours with external battery cabinet for fire and security applications; up to 65 Amp hours for access control applications in external battery box
  • Terminal Wire Gauge - 18 - 12 AWG
  • Relative Humidity - 0 to 93% non-condensing @ 32C
  • Temperature Rating - 32F to 120F (0 to 49C)
  • NAC Wiring Styles - Class A or Class B
  • Output Signal Rates - Continuous, 3-3-3 temporal, or follow installed panel's NAC.
  • Ground Fault Detection - Enable or disable via jumper
  • Agency Listings - UL, ULC, CSFM

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